Prominent Sire Lines in America II (1987)

Prominent Sire Lines in America II (1987)
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Sized 35" x 23" (58.42 cm x 88.90 cm) print.  This is the second edition of the Prominent Sire Lines in America series, published in 1987.  Thoroughbred genealogy poster which displays the prominent male lineage of the American Thoroughbred in an easy to follow copyrighted concentric circular format.  Encompasses more than 280 years of American breeding history, thru 1987.  Trace all of the prominent American sires, including Phalaris, Nasrullah, Northern Dancer and Mr. Prospector back to the genesis of the modern Thoroughbred beginning with Byerley Turk, Godolphin Barb and The Darley Arabian.  Printed on light gray parchment paper. Accentuated with blue borders.  Not framed.

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